Help #KeepGirlsInSchool in 2017 @DignityDreams


If you are still wondering what you can do for good this Christmas, here is an idea: why not give the gift that lasts and has the ability to change a life completely?

Yes!! Why not purchase a Dignity Pack from Dignity Dreams for a young lady that struggles every month with her period. Many young girls don’t have the privilege of sanitary wear. In their lives money is spent on food rather on ‘luxury’ items like sanitary pads. You can change that!

Your gift will last at least 5 years and includes 6 reusable sanitary pads, 3 panties, an instruction leaflet and a Ziploc bag. All the items comes neatly packed in a beautifully crafted drawstring bag.


Dignity Dreams Sanitary Packs

You can purchase this Dignity Pack online at  and have it delivered to your door or you can sponsor a girl by donating R150-00 to this initiative.

And, just like that, you’ve changed a girl’s life completely! Now she can go to school every day, with confidence, knowing that someone is looking out for her wellbeing.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here.


The Future of #SocialActivism #NonProfit #NewGen #Infographic @columnfive


Image via Column Five Media

In a previous article I mentioned the importance of focusing on our marketing strategies with specific attention to the millennials. How do we engage them and keep them engaged?

This infographic by TakePart clearly points out that young people do care about the causes close to their heart and how they manage to go beyond just spreading the word but how “they’re taking real action in ways that companies and organizations should take note of.”[Column Five Media:2012]

For more infographics and other TakePart projects, click here.

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COLUMN FIVE MEDIA.  2012.  Infographic: The future of Social Activism.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] November 23, 2016.

#JYBNonProfit #ChristmasLunch for the needy

As we all know, Christmas can be both a wonderful, blessed event or it can be a daunting, lonely time, depending on your own, personal situation. Unfortunately many people across the world have to get through this festive season without the smiles, laughter and companionship of family and friends. Because of this atmosphere of good cheer and joy, those who are left to their own devices often feel abandoned. Statistics show that suicide attempts are more likely during this period, especially among teenagers.

JYB Non-profit Development Project is working together with local organizations and schools in the Lawley, Johannesburg area in order to identify at least 24 vulnerable teenagers and children; youngsters who are more likely to fall victim to depression, those who are without a support system, those who suffered recent losses, etc. These children are more likely to spend their Christmas alone and, quite possibly, hungry. These  kids will be rounded up come Christmas day and given the opportunity to spend time with other people, to join in the Christmas spirit, laugh and have fun.

In order for JYB NonProfit to achieve this, they need some help with groceries so that they can prepare a delicious festive meal for these children. You can also volunteer to help during preparation and serving of the meal on the day.

Have a look at their list and get in touch with Bryan Ndlovu at +27 83 246 368 or click here to e-mail him.

Alternatively, complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.



Donation Requests for November: 2nd Call


In my post on 11 November I mentioned how vulnerable people are, especially during Christmas. How they, not only need food and shelter, but human kindness, a touch, a caring word, as well.

Over the past few weeks I’ve just come to realize, yet again, how evil the world can be. People can be thoughtless and uncaring, doing and saying things that can hurt a person and cause unnecessary pain. Apart from being the victim of just such abuse myself because I dared to care, a friend of mine fell victim to something far worse. Obakeng Motheogane, who bravely saved the children in  Ncgobi District, Bela-Bela, gave me awful news. You will remember those terrible storms we had in Gauteng about three weeks ago. Well, during one such storm, the orphanage flooded and Oba had to evacuate the children to a safer place. The kids spent the night at his aunt’s home. Upon their return they found that, not only was the entire home flooded, but in their absence someone broke in and stole all their belongings. Their computers, clothes, blankets, food, everything was just gone. While the police did their best to find the culprits, Obakeng still has to make do with whatever he has left, which is basically nothing.

Just to prove to you how caring this young man is; after he told me this news, he mentioned that a village close to the orphanage burnt down recently and he would love it if I can help him with some gifts for the children there, just so that they can also enjoy the festive spirit too, despite their misfortune. You will agree with me that Oba really needs support at this time, so if you can help him at all, please do send me a note. (Click here to e-mail me.) I can collect donations in the Pretoria area. In addition to food and clothes for the children, he will need new furniture, computers, books, blankets and other bed linen, cleaning products, toys and educational supplies. At the moment he takes care of children aged 2 to 18. He would be so grateful if you can contribute anything at all.

The Christmas season is often a trying time for us all, so do keep in mind the list of needs below and if you can donate any of the items or wish to contribute financially, please let me know.




·         Baby powder

·         Bath products

·         Baby shampoo

·         Nappies

·         Wet Wipes

·         Teething gel

·         Baby cereal

·         Juices & processed food

·         Milk formula

·         Teething biscuits

·         Fresh vegetables and fruit

·         Clothes

·         Linen

·         Furniture, car seats, etc.

·         Toys


·         Deodorant

·         Roll-on

·         Shampoo

·         Soap

·         Toothpaste

·         Sanitary pads

·         Body lotion

·         Razors

·         Adult nappies

·         Tissues

·         Muscle rub

·         Denture tablets

·        Tinned fruit & vegetables

.         Tinned meat/fish

·         Fresh meat, fruit, veg

·         Dried beans, rice, pasta

·         Maize meal

·         Soy mince

·         Packets/tins of soup

·         Teabags and instant coffee

·         Sugar

·         Powdered milk

·         Bottled water


·         Clothes and shoes

·         Linen

·         Furniture

·         Books to read

·         Magazines

·         Puzzles

·         School supplies

·         Toys


·         Toilet paper

·         Household cleaning products

This is a basic list of needs in all the facilities I support and every month, whatever is received, will be allocated to a facility in need OR one who specifically requested donations during the month.

As donor you will also have the option of choosing a facility that can benefit from your donation.

The places I support include children’s homes, places of safety, homes for the elderly, homes for the disabled, daycare centers, community centers, schools and church groups.

All these facilities are registered NPO’s or NGO’s and can provide tax certificates, should you require one.

Click here to send an email if you have questions OR complete the contact form below.

Remember, it is not WHAT or HOW MUCH, it is the fact that you DARE TO CARE at all.