Request for donation to Tshwane North Outreach

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Please read the letter below from Frikkie Loots at TNO head office. Donations are requested and perhaps you can be of service. Contact me via the contact form below or the staff at TNO directly.

Their contact details are as follows:

Frikkie Loots, TNO Project Manager

012 – 546 6205 / 082 334 1407 /

Stephen Nell, TNO Manager

012 – 565 6332 / 082 851 3244 /

Click on image below to go to Tshwane North Outreach website.


[English translation]

Tshwane North Outreach (TNO) – received from Frikkie Loots: 5 June 2014

Thank you for your support. Without it, we will not be able to assist those in need at all.

Specific Needs

One of the centers we support, focuses on providing care for the disabled in their community. They help them to create products, which can be marketed and sold. Recently they became victims of a break-in and various essential household items were stolen. Their most urgent needs are for a stove, refrigerator, crockery and cloth of any size or color (they use these to make items intended for selling).

With winter already upon us, the need for blankets are also to be considered a priority….new or second-hand in good condition will be appreciated.

Continuous Needs

TNO’s primary need is non-perishable goods, especially sugar, soy, jams and canned meat, fish and vegetables. Amongst others, these items are used to fill the 150 food parcels that is provided to the less fortunate in our community on a monthly basis. Perishable produce can also be donated, as we do have cooling facilities to keep it fresh until distribution.

Funds will always be welcome. Some of the items mentioned above must be purchased by ourselves as it is rarely donated or donated in insufficient amounts.  This means that we have to purchase it in order to fulfill the needs of our charges. In addition to that the offices also have the general overheads any normal business has….electricity, property taxes, telephone and fuel, etc. All financial donations qualify for an article 18A-tax certificate, you just need to ask for it. You can also donate online. To donate, visit our website:

In addition to all the mentioned needs above, you can also donate any items in your home that you do not want or need any more. This includes anything from old clothing hangers, pots and pans, crockery, computers, television sets, freezers and refrigerators, etc. (Please note all appliances MUST be in working order. We do not have the technicians to fix broken items.) Items can be dropped off at our offices situated at 488 Bakenkloof Street, Wolmer, or you can call us and we will arrange to pick it up.


Tshwane North Outreach (TNO) – ontvang vanaf Frikkie Loots: 5 Junie 2014

Baie dankie vir u ondersteuning. Daarsonder sal ons min kan vermag.

Spesifieke Behoeftes

Een van die sentrums wat ons ondersteun, konsentreer op hulp aan gestremdes en help hulle om produkte te vervaardig en te bemark. Daar is onlangs by hulle sentrum ingebreek en o a is hulle stoof gesteel. Dringende behoeftes hier is veral ‘n stoof, yskas, breekware en lap van enige grootte en kleur om items mee te maak.

Met die oog op die winter wat met ons is, sal ons skenkings van komberse waardeer –  nuut of tweedehands in ‘n goeie toestand.

Deurlopende Behoeftes

Ons primêre behoefte is nie-bederfbare kos veral suiker, soja, konfyt en blikkies vleis, vis en groente wat ons o a plaas in die 150 kospakkies wat ons maandeliks aan behoeftiges voorsien. Aangesien ons oor verkoelingsgeriewe beskik, is bederfbare produkte ook welkom.

Ons het altyd fondse nodig, want daar is items soos hierbo vermeld wat ons moet aankoop omdat ons dit glad nie as skenkings ontvang nie of nie in voldoende mate nie. Boonop is daar soos in enige huishouding of onderneming rekeninge wat betaal moet word en uitgawes wat aangegaan moet word soos elektrisiteit, eiendomsbelasting, telefoon en brandstof. Finansiële donasies wat ons ontvang, kwalifiseer vir ‘n art 18A-belastingsertifikaat. U moet net daarvoor vra. U kan ook aanlyn bydra. Besoek ons webwerf

Breedweg kan ons enige item in u huis gebruik wat in u pad staan mits dit nog in ‘n werkende toestand is. Ons beskik nie oor tegnici om stukkende items te herstel nie. Hierdie breë definisie sluit enigiets in van ‘n klerehanger, pot, pan, breekware, rekenaar, TV-stel, yskas, vrieskas ens. U kan dit by ons kom aflaai te Bakenkloofstraat 488, Wolmer, of met ons skakel om dit by u te kom oplaai.


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