Carpets and rugs needed for Ditebogo Daycare: Hammanskraal

#DitebogoDaycare #Hammanskraal #Carpets #Rugs

Onicca Hlabela, the head-mistress of Ditebogo Daycare in Hammanskraal, North of Pretoria, takes care of 484 young children aged 0-18 years. Some of them live at the centre 24/7 and  have been raised by Onicca since birth. At the moment she has 4 grade R classes. Despite the fact that the classrooms are housed in a brick structure (which is a luxury in itself among these facilities), they have no central heating and, since she cares for small children, open fires are simply  not an option. The children are literally freezing…they don’t have enough warm blankets and no carpets or rugs for the bare cement floors. They have little or no child-sized chairs and the little ones have to sit on the cement floors for the duration of their classes.

Ditebogo kids

Her request then, is for throw rugs or old carpets, blankets and warm clothing.  If you can help in any way, please complete the contact form below. I will be in touch to pick up donations or arrange drop-off at the Daycare. (Please note, only donations in Pretoria can be picked up.)

Please help us keep these children healthy, warm and happy this winter!


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