Help for Madzibandlela Orphanage Home

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In my experience, people quickly say that they will help these troubled orphanages and schools…more often than  not, their ”quick” offers of assistance never become reality. I don’t ever hold it against people, life happens and I guess they all have their reasons for not coming through for a person, despite having promised to do so. (Personally I feel horrible….in my opinion, if you say you’ll do something, you DO it…if you know you are apt to NOT fulfill your promise, rather keep quiet…or at least have the decency to make a proper, believable excuse…but that’s just me). It is heart-wrenching sometimes, because some of my facilities really count on these [often] empty promises. 

So it, was with gratitude that I read a recent email from Tshepo Skhosana, a private individual, who took it upon herself to get together some colleagues at National Treasury and reach out to needy facilities in the Pretoria region.

They ”adopted” Madzibandlela Orphanage Home in Soshanguve and requested a list of the specific needs, which I sent through to them. Yesterday I was informed that they did indeed visit Annah Ndlovu at Madzibandlela and delivered some food and clothing for the children. In addition to the donations, they helped her to renovate her house…..they painted two bedrooms and fixed the bathroom ceiling.

I am SO thankful for this. Annah and her team do an amazing job at creating a safe and secure environment for the children at the orphanage (they also take care of some children in the community and run a daycare and drop-in). It is tough going sometimes and Annah gets very discouraged at times. Feeding,clothing and caring for young ones is, in itself, a huge responsibility, but doing it without support, just hoping and praying that someone will come along to help, can be extremely challenging. 

So, Tshepo, Portia and the rest of the team…..I am eternally grateful for your help. It is wonderful to know that there still are people in the world that can see how terrible life is for others AND make the decision to bring about change. It gives one hope for the future.

I asked Tshepo for photographs and, if they had some taken, it will be forwarded so that I can share it with everyone on this blog.

Thanks again, Tshepo….you and your team ROCK!!!!


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