Why we do what we do…@machgunpreacher

#SouthSudan #Charity #Children

Via sam childers (MGP) – Google+.

Sharon sez: 

Have a look at the insert below and click on the link above to go to Sam Childers’ Google+ profile. The work these dedicated people do in South Sudan needs to be commended. I cannot imagine the problems they have to deal with each day…and witness every moment; the fear, the hunger, the poverty, the disease…it is unthinkable. We, here in South Africa, understand poverty and doing the work I do, I have seen some of it, but, in my opinion, it is not to be compared to what mr Childers and his team must face. 

It is humbling to see how much they actually accomplish and looking at the smiling children…..one can see how much their efforts mean to the community. Please consider supporting them and keeping them and their charges in your prayers…always. 


Nimule – South Sudan

This is why we do what we do – Children.


If you will love to support our project; reaching out to other  parts of Africa saving the kids from child labor and starvation.

Contact details– angel.africa@angelic.com  or send text +1 305 707 2855           

“No one has ever become poor by giving “

May God bless you as you do


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