Thank you to #Angela and #Leorentia

@marinda_92588 @MarindaElPelo #Donations #Charity

El Pelo Studio - Click on image to visit their Facebook Page Leorentia with her and Angela's donation

Marinda and her team at El Pelo really ROCKS!! Thanks to all of you girls (and guy) that you are always so generous in your kindness.

Once again I received loads of clothing, donated by Leorentia and Angela. I’ve already made arrangements with Onicca from Ditebogo Daycare in Hammanskraal to pick it up next week.


If anyone of you suffer from Spring fever and are busy clearing out all your cupboards, please do not throw out redundant items and clothing. E-mail us with your contact details and description of what you would like to give. I will see that it is distributed among the 21 facilities I support. If you live in Pretoria area, I will gladly pick up your donation; alternatively, get in touch and we can make other arrangements.

Click on image to send e-mail and have your stuff picked up NOW!


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