Shoeboxes for sale at Exclusive Books

@exclusivescoza @SantaShoebox #Charity #GiftIdeas


These lovely boxes sells for R 35-00 a piece, PLUS you get free crayons with AND 35% discount on children’s books. Hurry to your nearest Exclusive Books and get some NOW before they sell out.

Think about it! No gymnastics with wrapping paper (you), no extra crayons to fill the box (still you) and a handy discount on some kiddie books to put a smile on one lucky child AND lots of coloring fun (your chosen box recipient)! Don’t you think this is a huge bargain?

Remember…if you wish to pledge a box, but have no time for shopping, you can either pledge a virtual box here, or contact me here. I’ll be glad to help in any way.

We’re at 65% countrywide, people!! But the facilities in Pretoria still need a lot of support. Remember, we have two drop-off venues; Pta East/Centurion and Pta North/Moot. Feel free to pledge at either drop-off if you live anywhere in the city. If you can’t get to your drop-off, contact me immediately…we an make arrangements for pick-up.

You can also message me on Facebook or Twitter.


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