SantaShoebox – ExtraBoxes

!!!We’re ALMOST THERE!!!

Yes, people of South Africa, you’ve done it again!! We are nearly fully pledged, so I thought a word of advice if you still wish to contribute will be in order.

IF YOUR DROP-OFF ONLY HAS ”EXTRAS” LEFT for pledging…..don’t be discouraged; PLEASE PLEDGE THE EXTRAS. You need to keep in mind that the teams receive the namelists of recipients from the facilities very early in the year (usually from April-June). These names are captured on the system before end July. This gives SSB ample time to streamline the pledging process for the donors (you). Now, as you know, the numbers given to us may change as the year progresses – many children move with parents to other parts of the country, some children in orphanages and homes are adopted, others are placed in homes/start school, etc. Whatever the reason, it may happen that some facilities end up having extra children come celebration day, which is the reason why we plan ahead with these ”extras”. This will ensure that no child goes empty-handed on celebration day.

!!!!!!!!!!!SO PLEASE…………PLEDGE THOSE EXTRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • You can still fill a shoebox and bring to drop-off. Just label the box with your name and the age and gender of the child, e.g.


Example label for unnamed child

  • You can donate any of the items below so that we can make up extra boxes ourselves. Bag it and bring to drop-off.

* Toiletries like soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, facecloths*

*Sweets and snacks*

*Educational supplies like pens, pencils, crayons, pencil cases, etc*

*Clothing *

*Toys, books, board games, puzzles*

*Baby boxes – barrier cream, baby toiletries, nappies, pacifiers, bottles, wet-wipes, soft toys*

*Teen boxes – ”cool” toys and accessories like jewellery, sunglasses, etc*         


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