Dare To Care

Via Project Happiness on Facebook

Via Project Happiness on Facebook

Having worked hard on the Santa Shoebox Project for the past 10 days….long hours on your feet, packing boxes, checking, stacking, scanning, etc, etc (not to mention the colorful language used at times of frustration) I must say that, while it is still not over and done with (one day to go and celebrations to follow), I’ve loved every second of it. Sharing these long hours with people who are working together for a common goal……….giving a child a beautiful, special gift for Christmas………is more gratifying than you can ever imagine. I’ve met the most wonderful, generous people, made new friends and realized that, yes, the world is NOT such a bad place after all. There are still people out there that care for others, that wish to reach out to those in need, lend a hand and bring some sunshine in an otherwise dark life.

I do hope the donors of these shoeboxes know just how much the little ones will appreciate their gifts. Can you understand how special these children would feel to know that somewhere, someone thought that they were special enough to be chosen to receive these boxes, uniquely and especially packed for them? I want to thank  all those people whom we’ve met over the past few days of drop-off in Pretoria East and Pretoria North…it is heartwarming to know that all is not as lost as we thought it was. Some people still DO care. And thank you to the team…such an honor to work with you girls and guys.

You need to keep an eye on this blog for the celebration photos…..it will give you an idea of how huge a difference your single gift brought to the life of one child.

Somewhere, someone will have a wonderful, happy and blessed Christmas; somewhere, someone will not feel so isolated and alone anymore; and why?


Thank you donors….from the bottom of our hearts.


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