Another treasure from Santa Shoebox

Via SSB on Facebook.

Working at drop-off points gives us volunteers the opportunity to find treasures on our way to celebrations and yes, sometimes we lose heart, sometimes we even lose our minds!!! It can get REAL hectic around closing day! (WE STILL NEED 1000 BOXES!! YAAAAAAAH!) But it is all worth it….because of these little ”treasures”.

As someone whose work it is to secure donors and donations, find volunteers, source needy projects and facilities and so forth, it can often get very disheartening if you don’t get funding/sponsors/donors to help you support the deprived of our country. It is a juggle between keeping in mind the current economic situation of the general public, having empathy with that AND despite it, still encouraging them to give something to another who are struggling even more. Sometimes, in the past, I’ve felt that I should just give up….you keep on asking, begging, but no-one responds. You feel you are fighting a battle that you cannot possibly win….and why? Why should I make it my problem? One can really get discouraged…

Then something like Santa Shoebox drop-off comes along and we see evidence of kindness and care, things that we think do not exist anymore. We find these little treasures….in 30 x 18 x 13 shoeboxes (sometimes bulging, sagging and threatening to explode its contents in your face), but all, not only filled with lovely things, but covered and decorated with perfection. Each a unique style, each with great effort and thought…..

Here in Pretoria we had our own share of lovely boxes. People REALLY took the time to decorate it and more and more I’ve found personalized messages in these boxes. Parents encourage their young to pack boxes, decorate it and write a note for the receiving child…I really must sit down one day and show you the pictures and tell all the stories….yes, PEOPLE DO STILL CARE.

All the messages and notes are lovely, but just once in a while something like this is discovered and it warms the heart. Such a lovely message …..straight from the heart. The miracle of this poem is, that it captures the spirit of Santa Shoebox Project so perfectly, don’t you agree?



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