Prayers For Itu


Itu is the founder of a daycare and drop-in centre in Soshanguve, just North of Pretoria. I was fortunate enough to meet this wonderful man early in 2013. He, his team and the children in his care live in extreme poverty, yet he found it in his heart to reach out to others, to help these children. Some of them come to the school bruised and battered, scared, hungry and alone….a shell of a being. With time and kind words, support and education, Itu brings the little person inside that shell back into the light. He heals the wounds and prepares them (together with his team of teachers) for a future that holds a little bit more hope.

This morning I spoke to him again and he is desperately ill. He has been struggling with his health for quite a while and says he is very tired. So, please, if you can find it in your heart to think of him in prayer…please do so. The world shouldn’t lose someone with a heart like this….someone whom, despite his own mistakes, faults and decisions were perhaps shunned by the world….but, despite that, he could still reach a hand to those in need.


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