10 Nonprofit Technology Breakthroughs You May Have Missed in 2014

Via @DonorPro

By Megan Cotterman (blog.donorpro.com)

10 Nonprofit Technology Breakthroughs You May Have Missed in 2014

Technology is constantly changing and opening new avenues for nonprofit organizations to reach donors, build efficient development departments, save money, build community, and report on everything they do.

Since you were probably busy writing grants, processing checks, planning events, soliciting donors, writing emails, meeting with the board and on and on, I’m going to guess you didn’t have time find and read about all of these innovations. So, we scraped the internet and found 10 of the coolest nonprofit technology breakthroughs from 2014 that are changing the game. Here they are…

Personal Journey Fitness Tech Help Nonprofits Raise Funds

Is healthy living and fitness a priority for your donors? Pledgerunner is a new way to “care actively”. It is a platform for people to use their fitness tracking devices such as Fitbit or Jawbone to raise money for charity. This is an opportunity for people to do something good for themselves while doing something good for others.

What Apple Pay Means for the Future Fundraising

You have most likely heard of the benefits Apple Pay will bring to consumers, but have you thought about how it could affect fundraising for your nonprofit? Here are five good reasons why your nonprofit should be proactive and get ahead by using nonprofit technology by adopting Apple Pay.

Boost your Cause Marketing with Video Tools

Video is one of the best ways you can connect with your donors, constituents, and employees. Many nonprofits have utilized video to tell their story and impact their communities. This blog outlines some video tools your nonprofit can start utilizing now to tell your story!

For Ride Sharing Apps Like Lyft, Commerce is a Community

Traveling is expensive and nonprofits don’t have extra money laying around. If you are on the road for a conference or an event, apps like Lyft will help you stay in your travel budget. Ridesharing is becoming more common and a great way to cut costs and meet new people.

Let’s make bitcoin the biggest humanitarian tool the world has ever seen.

Bitcoin, the agile, safe, and real-time financing tool, can really increase the impact of your nonprofit. The bitcoin model is immediate, collaborative, and peer driven. These characteristics make it perfect for nonprofit technology work, especially organizations that assist refugees in war torn places such as the nonprofit TendEd.

6 Reasons for Nonprofits to Use Square.

“Good fundraising becomes great when donating becomes easier.” Use the square app to revolutionize how your nonprofit takes donations. See how the Salvation Army has started using Square and how they are not looking back

The Right Crowdfunding Platform for your Nonprofit

December is the biggest month for giving. Crowdfunding is a great way to quickly raise money and show your donors exactly where their money is going. This blog post will help you pick the right crowdfunding site for your nonprofit.

5 Ways to Incorporate Mobile Tech into your Volunteer Program

Your volunteers are tech-savvy and busy, so why not engage them where they spend most of their time – on their mobile phones! Check out these 5 tips to incorporate mobile tech into your volunteer program.

9 Key Performance Indicators Nonprofit Management Needs to Track

In this digital age, nonprofits have access to a lot of data and analytics through donor management technology. It can be hard to determine what you should be tracking. Here are the 9 key performance indicators you should be tracking to get you started.

Must-Read Fundraising and Social Media Reports for Nonprofits

There is no doubt that social media was a hot topic in 2014 and nonprofits have been learning how to utilize social media to increase awareness and fundraise. Here are reports with research on online fundraising and social media for nonprofits in 2014. Use the data to craft your own technology and fundraising strategic plan for 2015.

Technology has definitely impacted nonprofits in 2014 making them more effecient and helping them raise more money. What technology has your nonprofit adopted in 2014?


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