6 Ways to Say ‘Thank You’ on Social Media – Infographic #AllTwitter

Via @alltwtr

By #SheaBennett for http://www.mediabistro.com

It’s Thanksgiving Day, so what better time to reach out and thank customers, fans, friends and family on your favourite social media sites?

Here are six ways to give back:

1. On Twitter, give someone a shout-out for a great blog post, presentation or simply for being a loyal client

2. Endorse someone on LinkedIn

3. Share a post or give a shout-out on social media to loyal customers

4. Post a fun team photo on Facebook with a thank-you message from your employees

5. Feature a client, industry insider or team member in a blog post and share to your social channels

6. Thank your followers when you reach a milestone – for example, 1,000 followers, Likes or shares

Check the visual below for six ways to say thank you on social media, which comes courtesy of VitalDesign.




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