Bread Tags for Wheelchairs

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Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. « Lead SA


Breadtags for Wheelchairs, is a project facilitated by the Polystyrene Packaging Council of South Africa, in order to recycle breadtags, and in return wheelchairs are distributed. This initiative was started by Mary Honeybun, a pensioner from Noordhoek, there are now over 100 coordinators like Mary across SA. Presently there are over 480 collection boxes in strategic places, schools, shopping centres, shops and churches. You can only imagine how many millions of loaves of bread consumed a day. So these tags are just waiting to be collected, for an awesome cause – 1 Million breadtags means three wheelchairs.

Read more here.

If you have breadtags lying around your house, please do not throw it away….keep it in a bag/bottle/box/whatever and, once have enough, contact me for collection (Pretoria area only). Alternatively, click here for all collection points currently up and running in South Africa.

Bread Tags for Wheelchairs. « Lead SA


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