Mooikloof Estate Donations – First Drop-off


Yesterday I received a wonderful donation (mentioned in an earlier post) from the residents of Mooikloof Estate in Pretoria East. Today I managed to drop off some of those items at a place of safety in Montana Park.

Have a look at the video above to see what items I delivered and view the photo’s of the grateful beneficiaries at Rock of Hope.

Rock of Hope falls under Tshwane Place of Safety and provides home to abandoned and abused babies and toddlers. Mientjie and Wouter Prozesky opened their home to these little ones and care for them with love and affection, like they would do with their own children.

As you can imagine, caring for little babies (sometimes as many as 7 under 6 months old) can be extremely daunting. Not only do you, as caregiver, have to provide the necessary love and attention, you also have to feed and clothe them, take them for their vaccinations and to the doctor if they get sick. Providing in their daily needs can be quite expensive, as those of you with babies may well understand. Rock of Hope constantly needs financial support, as well as donations of formula, nappies, baby toiletries, baby clothes, first foods, etc. If you would like to follow the example of Mooikloof residents, please email me here or complete the contact form below with the subject: Rock of Hope.

Once again, thank you so much to Mooikloof Estate residents for their generous donation.

Rock of Hope logo




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