MerryChristmas and HappyNewYear


Dear readers, I thank you for year of support, uplifting comments and well, just for reading and following this blog.

Some of you are not aware of this, but I am, in fact, the entire IHF team. I don’t have a crew that does all the work…I’m managing director, marketing director, secretary, director: social networking, facility coordinator, receptionist, donations manager: receiving and distributing, etc, etc….thank goodness I don’t get funding yet…then I would have to wear a financial hat too! During this year I added another fun role to my repertoire anyway….I went to war…against cancer.

I’m not telling you all this so that you can go all “Aw, shame…” on me….I’m telling you this to explain why I’ll be taking time off.

As of today until January 13, 2015, this blog will be silent. I’m in downtime. I have to recharge properly, because 2015 is going to be a huge year for this foundation.

I’m planning at least 5 new projects, 2 training programs and several intervention programs in lower income areas around the city, plus my involvement with Santa Shoebox Project will continue as it did for the past few years.

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