This foundation’s purpose

In writing the foundation’s constitution I just, once again, realized the true purpose behind the work that I’m doing.

Many people over the past years have posed this question to me….why do you do this? What is in it for you? Because, you see, these days even charitable organizations tend to do ”good” with a hidden agenda. Some of them have only their own selfish reasons for doing something good. Some people reckon that it doesn’t matter, because, in the end those in need to get something out of it, even the people spearheading organizations have their own greedy reasons for spreading kindness.

This foundation exist for one reason only… serve.

Our motto is: creating a culture of caring…..that is my dream, my hope that, through the joy we spread, the care we provide, those in need will not only receive goods to make their lives easier, I hope that they will feel inspired, empowered even, to pass on the kindness showed towards them. I hope the children in the communities I serve will know that someone cared and that it is important to pay it forward. That is also the message I usually try to convey whenever I’m invited to do a speech at an event. Perhaps, by doing this work, the world will be a better place some day.

If our culture cared more for each other…..can you imagine what we will be able to achieve? Instead of hate, there will be acceptance….we will be able to accept each other, diverse as mankind is, despite our different races, cultures and religions. I know my dream means a world in which men and women alike can co-exist in peace…something we seem incapable of.

When I was a child, my parents had a plaque hanging on a wardrobe, one that, in time, became mine and I used to read it every night before I went to sleep. I suppose all of you will know it, or at least, heard of it. It was the Prayer of st Francis….over the years I came to realize why it looked so familiar. You see, it summed up my life and my purpose in life.

My husband says that I cannot save the world, I know that…..but I mean to give it my best shot.

Prayer of st Francis


Things to think about…

Foster Care in South Africa

  • Untitled-1 copyWhen your foster journey seems overwhelming, take things an hour at a time, and find comfort in the little triumphs.
  • Choosing HOPE, turns every problem into a formula for success.

– Helouise

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Final drop-off – Mooikloof Estate Donations to Uncle Ben’s Den

IMG_20150126_095744 IMG_20150126_095840 IMG_20150126_100616 You will remember I received donations from Mooikloof Estate and Pam Golding Properties on December 9, 2014. Well, the bulk of the donations have been distributed now, with just one printer and some picture books left for Ditebogo Daycare in Hammanskraal. They will be picking up those over the next week or so. On Monday I had the great privilege of visiting Uncle Ben’s Den in Daspoort, Pretoria to drop of some clothing, biscuits, shoes and a printer from the kind people of Mooikloof. I met their management and some of the workers, as well as a few residents. Please DO visit and support this care-facility for the elderly. Click here to go to their website for information about their work. It is certainly heartwarming to see that there are people out there that care for the elderly. In my line of work I often have more to do with little children than with older people as many of my facilities are primary schools, daycare centers, creches or orphanages. I hope to extend my support to the elderly as well, although I know I may be spreading myself too thin (yes, I’m still doing all the work here on my own, without any volunteers to lend a hand). However, seeing the desperate need for help in all areas of our community touched me in a way I cannot describe. I am convinced that, with the help of God, He who actually sent me to do this work, I will be able to branch out to all age groups, to people of all genders and races and also include those in need of medical support and prayer (hence my recent posts in Goods4Good on Facebook about Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer and Hemelse Perels). Back to the donations I received from the good people of Mooikloof….thank you ever so much for your support. Especially to mrs Zantie Swanepoel and her family….and may God also bless her and her husband in all their endeavors. Mooikloof Estate Logo

Let the World Stand Together and Demand Better – Pledge Now

Click here to pledge on

Have you taken a good look at the world lately?

What do you see?

Over the last week….how many articles did you read about death and destruction? How many about war, terrorism and violent crimes? Think about it….

Do you realize that this is NOT the only way we, the citizens of this world, hurt each other? Do you know what is one of the worst crimes against humanity? Albert Einstein knew the answer…….

If you still struggle with the answer…let me help you….one of the worst crimes against humanity is IGNORANCE! Ignorance to the fact that nearly half of the world’s population live on less than 2.50USD per day; ignorance to the fact that more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty  (statistics –; ignorance to the fact that you have it in your power, as fellow human being, to bring change in someone’s life. Yes, poverty, famine, disease is as real as war, violent crime, terrorism…the latter three often the major cause of poverty. And, no, the fact that you don’t have airtime on your cellphone does NOT mean you are living in poverty! The world needs to wake up…it is up to us to bring change, to create awareness and to shout it out to our leaders.

Children - poverty

Don’t  leave it up to others, do it now! Take a stand, take the pledge with TODAY and let it be known that you WANT to bring about change. That the leaders should sit up and take notice….become a voice for those who have none, for those who have no strength to fight. Don’t turn your face away from them… the world to empower these people, to give them back their humanity, their dignity. We need to teach them to stand up for themselves again. But getting up is difficult, for that they will need a hand….YOU can be that hand!

Confucius on Poverty and Government

Help ONE Campaign in this effort to create an awareness in the world and to show our leaders that we mean business. The world leaders have the power to stop poverty in its tracks…they HAVE to see that the world, the people who elected them, are calling them into action…….and that, despite our differences, we are standing together as human beings, citizens of the planet, to make a difference. They must feel COMPELLED to do more in this struggle against poverty.

Nelson Mandela on Poverty

Come on people, this is YOUR chance to CHANGE THE WORLD!!! Pledge NOW! Just DO it!

Child poverty statistics


Want to know the facts on global poverty? Visit



The Science Of Giving: Why Being Generous is Good for You

This brilliant infographic sums up what I’ve always been telling donors. People who bring stuff, often don’t get to see the impact their gift has on people. Have a look below or visit Visualistan yourself for more.

Did you have a GOOD look? Winston Churchill was SO right….whenever you help someone, you MAKE their lives. I always encourage donors to come with me when I drop off donations… is important for them to see, with their own eyes, the difference their gift brings.

I know I’ve repeated this sentiment over and over in many posts, but it is really VERY important to me….it doesn’t matter WHAT you give; a dress, a shirt, a chocolate, an entire carton filled with groceries, a hug……yes, even just a gentle touch to the shoulder or a kind word. It means that someone is interested in a person that has absolutely nothing to live for; someone who thought he/she was forgotten. The SIZE of the contribution is of no consequence, but the IMPACT it has on another life is astronomical.

It is in the power of each and every living person on earth to share this gift and don’t think I am exaggerating….sometimes, in my work, I receive no donations to take to my facilities. Despite going empty-handed,  I still take the time to go and just sit down and talk to the people,  make them feel important for a change. I work with those who are HIV+ too and children with horrid skin disorders….those people are shunned by their own community. Can you imagine how lonely they must be? Donations need not have monetary value……….time, a kind word, a gentle touch…..THAT tells people that they are NOT forgotten, that there still are those that know about them, think about them and care for them.

I said in an earlier post ”poverty knows no boundaries”; the same goes for disease like Aids and Ebola, Cholera and cancer……..think about this. Who knows, tomorrow it may be you who needs this support and would you care who helps you and, in some cases, even save you life? What we have today is a certainty (for now), but it can be taken away from us in a second…..would you care who reaches out to you? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are immune to poverty and disease…no-one is.

The point I’m trying to make? Help ALL people NOW, while you still can. While you thrive in the blessing of the Lord….share the blessing, don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself, because giving is, in itself, a blessing.

Do yourself a favor…have a good look at the infographic, click on the links provided, I guarantee you will be inspired.

God bless!

View the original infograph here: The Science of Giving: Why Being Generous is Good for You #infographic.


Monthly Item Drive – Donations Received

s School supplies from Karin Exercise books from Karin

A huge thank you to one of my very loyal beneficiaries, old school friend, Karin Spykerman. In response to my request for educational supplies, Karin came through once again. She donated exercise books, crayons, pens, pencils, rulers, glue and more.

One can see where Karin gets her generosity from….her Mom is also a second time donor and sent some pillows that can be used in community projects. I also received a wheelchair from Karin’s Mom late last year. It is due for delivery at the end of January, so expect a picture update. The wheelchair is earmarked for Eersterust Care and Training centre.

Remember people, there are many ways you can help this month with the edu supplies.

  • Donate the items (like Karin did) and have me pick it up
  • Donate by purchasing online and have it delivered to me
  • Donate funds, so that we can do purchases on your behalf.

Get in touch NOW if you would like to contribute. Click here to email me.

Thank you

Reminder: School Supplies Needed

January is Educational Supply Month


Just a reminder that, as part of our ”Monthly Item Drive”, we are asking for School Supplies in January. Click on the image above to send a direct email if you need more information.

Remember, you can purchase online and have the items delivered at my address or you can donate funds, which will be used to purchase items on your behalf. Items in the Pretoria Area will be picked up. (More details below)

If you can help at all, please complete the form below and we will be in touch with the relevant information (account details, delivery address, etc) ASAP.


  • Ball point pens (blue, black and red)
  • HB Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Color pencils
  • Wax crayons
  • Ruler
  • Eraser
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Scissors (blunt)
  • Highlighters
  • Glue (Pritt)
  • Soft/hard cover exercise books
  • Plastic book covers/rolls of plastic
  • Paper (to cover books)
  • Tape


  • Purchase the items, complete the contact form below and I’ll be in touch to arrange pick-up/drop-off (Pretoria area ONLY)
  • Purchase items online and have it sent to my address (complete contact form below and I’ll forward my address to you) – click here for Pick’nPay Online Shopping or click here to view the Pick’nPay Back To School Catalogue
  • Donate an amount of your choice to us and we will use the funds to purchase the necessary items (complete contact form and I’ll send account details)

Please note that proof of delivery of all items will be submitted to every donor and photographs will be posted on this blog and on Facebook.

Thank you