Take Action! Fresh Water For All – sign the Petition

Please sign the petition and remember that the problem is closer to home than you might think. I’ve been visiting rural communities around the Tshwane/Pretoria CBD for years now and some of them still struggle without water and electricity. Water, though, is the main concern and finding funding for boreholes and pumps remain a problem….people are often unwilling to help, because they don’t understand the impact it has on the people. One of the facilities in particular come to mind…the housemother of this orphanage/daycare has more than 420 children in her care on a daily basis. She has NO FRESH WATER and has to purchase water in tanks at an astonishing cost just so that the children can each have a little water to drink every day. There is NO water to wash up, NO water for toilet facilities to work properly, NO clean water for cooking, NO water for her vegetable patch……can you imagine this? Her place is merely 40km from the city centre and NO ONE CARES! And….she is NOT THE ONLY ONE.
If you can help at all…begin by signing the petition for the WWF and get in touch with me so that we can help these people have an easier life.


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