Back To School in Central African Republic


Earlier today I sent out a request on behalf of all the children in South Africa who cannot afford to purchase educational supplies to help them through the new school year. Ironically enough, UNICEF Blog posted this today. This is the circumstances under which many children of the world must receive an education. Young Valerie says that she only feels safe when she is at school.

You can read part of the her story below. (Visit UNICEF Blog for the full article by #MadeleineLogan. Click here.)


School is the only place where 7-year-old Valerie feels safe.

She tells me that when she’s outside playing, she remembers the day her father was shot by a stray bullet in the street. When she’s trying to sleep at home, she has flashbacks to nights filled with the sound of gunfire.

It’s only in class that she can remember what life was like before violence gripped Central African Republic. She says that at school, she gets the chance to learn something new.

Children’s education has been a casuality of conflict here. Two years of schooling have been interrupted by violence and insecurity. But children will progressively return to classes this month as part of an ambitious Back to School campaign for 662,000 students.

We’re working with teachers, parents and the Government to not just rebuild schools – but to transform them into places where children learn not just how to read and write, but how to live together in peace. Continue reading here.

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