What does it take to Prepare for a Humanitarian Emergency

Via @UNICEF on Google+.

UNICEF - Google+

Here are five ways that UNICEF and the World Food Programme (WFP) are working together to ensure countries are better prepared for the moment when disaster strikes.

1. Keeping life-saving supplies close at hand

2. Strengthening systems to respond rapidly in emergencies

3. Training emergency responders 

4. Supporting stronger national preparedness systems

5. Building the case that preparedness saves lives, time and money

The UK Government has contributed ($30 million or about GBP 20 million) to support efforts by UNICEF and WFP to strengthen emergency preparedness.

The above via UNICEF Blog

[I have highlighted only the 5 main ways of preparations, but please click here to read the full post by UNICEF. They describe in great detail how to go about preparations and also give examples of past experiences. One should keep in mind that such an emergency can happen at any time anywhere in the world and that even the most developed countries are in danger of being caught by surprise. It is now the time to make more people aware that the possibility of humanitarian emergencies is NOT the exclusive property of impoverished countries. Do you remember Hurricane Sandy? The devastation? And that happened in one of the most prepared, wealthy and medically advanced countries in the world.

Be prepared….don’t make the mistake of thinking things like these happen to others in countries far, far away. And ensure that your community is prepared.

After reading this I became concerned for the people in the communities I serve. They live in rural areas, miles from any hospital or clinic and, even if the modern city is just 40 km away, in a humanitarian emergency like a flood, they can become completely dependent on their own devices. They will be lost, isolated…..now, even before such an event occurs, I realized just how vulnerable they actually are. This post inspired me to develop an awareness initiative, something that I will share with them throughout this year.

Thank you, UNICEF….for giving me an opportunity to prepare my people and safeguard against future disasters. And if anyone of my followers have ideas or thoughts on this initiative, please be in touch….I would love your input. Click here to email me directly.]

Read post by UNICEF: http://blogs.unicef.org/2015/01/06/what-does-it-take-to-prepare-for-a-humanitarian-emergency/

Disaster Awareness


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