The Science Of Giving: Why Being Generous is Good for You

This brilliant infographic sums up what I’ve always been telling donors. People who bring stuff, often don’t get to see the impact their gift has on people. Have a look below or visit Visualistan yourself for more.

Did you have a GOOD look? Winston Churchill was SO right….whenever you help someone, you MAKE their lives. I always encourage donors to come with me when I drop off donations… is important for them to see, with their own eyes, the difference their gift brings.

I know I’ve repeated this sentiment over and over in many posts, but it is really VERY important to me….it doesn’t matter WHAT you give; a dress, a shirt, a chocolate, an entire carton filled with groceries, a hug……yes, even just a gentle touch to the shoulder or a kind word. It means that someone is interested in a person that has absolutely nothing to live for; someone who thought he/she was forgotten. The SIZE of the contribution is of no consequence, but the IMPACT it has on another life is astronomical.

It is in the power of each and every living person on earth to share this gift and don’t think I am exaggerating….sometimes, in my work, I receive no donations to take to my facilities. Despite going empty-handed,  I still take the time to go and just sit down and talk to the people,  make them feel important for a change. I work with those who are HIV+ too and children with horrid skin disorders….those people are shunned by their own community. Can you imagine how lonely they must be? Donations need not have monetary value……….time, a kind word, a gentle touch…..THAT tells people that they are NOT forgotten, that there still are those that know about them, think about them and care for them.

I said in an earlier post ”poverty knows no boundaries”; the same goes for disease like Aids and Ebola, Cholera and cancer……..think about this. Who knows, tomorrow it may be you who needs this support and would you care who helps you and, in some cases, even save you life? What we have today is a certainty (for now), but it can be taken away from us in a second…..would you care who reaches out to you? Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are immune to poverty and disease…no-one is.

The point I’m trying to make? Help ALL people NOW, while you still can. While you thrive in the blessing of the Lord….share the blessing, don’t be selfish and keep it to yourself, because giving is, in itself, a blessing.

Do yourself a favor…have a good look at the infographic, click on the links provided, I guarantee you will be inspired.

God bless!

View the original infograph here: The Science of Giving: Why Being Generous is Good for You #infographic.



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