Let the World Stand Together and Demand Better – Pledge Now

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Have you taken a good look at the world lately?

What do you see?

Over the last week….how many articles did you read about death and destruction? How many about war, terrorism and violent crimes? Think about it….

Do you realize that this is NOT the only way we, the citizens of this world, hurt each other? Do you know what is one of the worst crimes against humanity? Albert Einstein knew the answer…….

If you still struggle with the answer…let me help you….one of the worst crimes against humanity is IGNORANCE! Ignorance to the fact that nearly half of the world’s population live on less than 2.50USD per day; ignorance to the fact that more than 1.3 billion people live in extreme poverty  (statistics – DoSomething.org); ignorance to the fact that you have it in your power, as fellow human being, to bring change in someone’s life. Yes, poverty, famine, disease is as real as war, violent crime, terrorism…the latter three often the major cause of poverty. And, no, the fact that you don’t have airtime on your cellphone does NOT mean you are living in poverty! The world needs to wake up…it is up to us to bring change, to create awareness and to shout it out to our leaders.

Children - poverty

Don’t  leave it up to others, do it now! Take a stand, take the pledge with ONE.org TODAY and let it be known that you WANT to bring about change. That the leaders should sit up and take notice….become a voice for those who have none, for those who have no strength to fight. Don’t turn your face away from them…..help the world to empower these people, to give them back their humanity, their dignity. We need to teach them to stand up for themselves again. But getting up is difficult, for that they will need a hand….YOU can be that hand!

Confucius on Poverty and Government

Help ONE Campaign in this effort to create an awareness in the world and to show our leaders that we mean business. The world leaders have the power to stop poverty in its tracks…they HAVE to see that the world, the people who elected them, are calling them into action…….and that, despite our differences, we are standing together as human beings, citizens of the planet, to make a difference. They must feel COMPELLED to do more in this struggle against poverty.

Nelson Mandela on Poverty

Come on people, this is YOUR chance to CHANGE THE WORLD!!! Pledge NOW! Just DO it!

Child poverty statistics


Want to know the facts on global poverty? Visit DoSomething.com.




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