Final drop-off – Mooikloof Estate Donations to Uncle Ben’s Den

IMG_20150126_095744 IMG_20150126_095840 IMG_20150126_100616 You will remember I received donations from Mooikloof Estate and Pam Golding Properties on December 9, 2014. Well, the bulk of the donations have been distributed now, with just one printer and some picture books left for Ditebogo Daycare in Hammanskraal. They will be picking up those over the next week or so. On Monday I had the great privilege of visiting Uncle Ben’s Den in Daspoort, Pretoria to drop of some clothing, biscuits, shoes and a printer from the kind people of Mooikloof. I met their management and some of the workers, as well as a few residents. Please DO visit and support this care-facility for the elderly. Click here to go to their website for information about their work. It is certainly heartwarming to see that there are people out there that care for the elderly. In my line of work I often have more to do with little children than with older people as many of my facilities are primary schools, daycare centers, creches or orphanages. I hope to extend my support to the elderly as well, although I know I may be spreading myself too thin (yes, I’m still doing all the work here on my own, without any volunteers to lend a hand). However, seeing the desperate need for help in all areas of our community touched me in a way I cannot describe. I am convinced that, with the help of God, He who actually sent me to do this work, I will be able to branch out to all age groups, to people of all genders and races and also include those in need of medical support and prayer (hence my recent posts in Goods4Good on Facebook about Cupcakes for Kids with Cancer and Hemelse Perels). Back to the donations I received from the good people of Mooikloof….thank you ever so much for your support. Especially to mrs Zantie Swanepoel and her family….and may God also bless her and her husband in all their endeavors. Mooikloof Estate Logo


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