This foundation’s purpose

In writing the foundation’s constitution I just, once again, realized the true purpose behind the work that I’m doing.

Many people over the past years have posed this question to me….why do you do this? What is in it for you? Because, you see, these days even charitable organizations tend to do ”good” with a hidden agenda. Some of them have only their own selfish reasons for doing something good. Some people reckon that it doesn’t matter, because, in the end those in need to get something out of it, even the people spearheading organizations have their own greedy reasons for spreading kindness.

This foundation exist for one reason only… serve.

Our motto is: creating a culture of caring…..that is my dream, my hope that, through the joy we spread, the care we provide, those in need will not only receive goods to make their lives easier, I hope that they will feel inspired, empowered even, to pass on the kindness showed towards them. I hope the children in the communities I serve will know that someone cared and that it is important to pay it forward. That is also the message I usually try to convey whenever I’m invited to do a speech at an event. Perhaps, by doing this work, the world will be a better place some day.

If our culture cared more for each other…..can you imagine what we will be able to achieve? Instead of hate, there will be acceptance….we will be able to accept each other, diverse as mankind is, despite our different races, cultures and religions. I know my dream means a world in which men and women alike can co-exist in peace…something we seem incapable of.

When I was a child, my parents had a plaque hanging on a wardrobe, one that, in time, became mine and I used to read it every night before I went to sleep. I suppose all of you will know it, or at least, heard of it. It was the Prayer of st Francis….over the years I came to realize why it looked so familiar. You see, it summed up my life and my purpose in life.

My husband says that I cannot save the world, I know that…..but I mean to give it my best shot.

Prayer of st Francis


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