Wheelchair delivered at Eersterust Care And Training Centre


Karin Spykerman – donor of this wheelchair

DSC04244Me and Gloria Hoods

What an honor to be accompanied by my genererous friend, Karin Spykerman, yesterday. We paid a visit to Eersterust Care and Training Centre for the disabled. I took many photographs, which will follow in due course.

Karin donated a wheelchair for a child and was thrilled to join in the handing over of it. Have a look at the pics….as you can see, the little angel is smiling all the time.

Thank you Karin….you changed a life today.

Just for your information…..a wheelchair for a disabled child can cost up to R 17.000-00, so this gift is really most welcome to the children and staff at the Care Centre. In the near future I’ll be posting photo’s of crafts the residents of the care centre are taught to make. These are sold to raise funds to enable the staff to take better care of their charges (wheelchairs included). If you are interested in donating to the centre, please do not hesitate to contact me via the contact form below. You can also message me on Facebook and Twitter (@IlzeHFoundation or @SharonH13). To email me directly, click here.

This facility aims to empower both children and adults with moderate to severe disabilities so that they can function in the ”real” world. They are taught skills like doing mosaic work, beading and now, with the generous help of a sponsor, they have acquired machinery to manufacture toiletrolls. (Sold at R 144-00/48).

So, if you just want to visit to spend time with these loving children or contribute in any way, please do so.

Watch the video below, please….and,perhaps, you will understand their desperation. Despite the teachers and caregivers at the centre, who shower them with love and attention; their basic needs, like custom-made wheelchairs, exercise apparatus, mealtime chairs, educational equipment and….just extra love….cannot be explained in one simple post.



ECT Page Header

Thank you





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