Cyclone Pam: How to Support the Relief Efforts in Vanuatu

Via #Charity Navigator

With the devastation of Vanuatu by Cyclone Pam, many people may wonder how you can support relief efforts effectively.

March 13, 2015 was definitely a ”Friday the 13th” for this island nation. Cyclone Pam, a Category 5 storm, left 3300 people displaced and many dead. In addition to the immediate effect, the storm left a lingering fear of more desperate times in the coming months. Crops were destroyed by the storm, which will leave the island without resources in the near future. Disease will spread and fresh water will be in short supply.

According to Charity Navigator, the following organizations are already on site and providing necessary support.

If you wish to contribute in any way, please visit Charity Navigator for more information.

The videos below portrays the nature of the storm, the devastation in its wake and the desperation of the people of the island.

(Videos via: CNN, Channel 4 News, Global News and UNICEF on YouTube)




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