SOS_Africa – Corporate Charitable Giving Scheme

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SOS Africa Corporate Charitable Giving Scheme

It is increasingly believed that modern-day companies have a responsibility to be good corporate citizens and where possible, help communities less fortunate than themselves. The charitable donations made by businesses undoubtedly deliver an invaluable source of income for the non-profit sector. However, it is our belief that the corporate charitable giving which results from this social conscience should not go unrewarded and that businesses themselves can and should benefit from the process. SOS Africa has therefore developed a business sponsorship scheme which can be tailored to the needs of your company whilst benefiting the children we support. Click here to learn more about the following:

  • Corporate Child Sponsorship
  • Employee Sponsor Scheme
  • Monthly Business Donations

RoadHogs SOS Africa Monthly Business Donations JooMoo SOS Africa SupporterKreate

As each of the above examples demonstrate, SOS Africa’s hands-on, personal approach to fundraising enables them to tailor specific business sponsorship schemes to meet the demands of potential corporate sponsors. If your business is looking to support a charity as part of an effective marketing initiative, click here to contact SOS Africa to discuss your business’s sponsorship preference.

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SOS Africa. 2015. Corporate Charitable Giving Scheme. [Web:] [Date of Access:] 5 April 2015

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