Donations received – delivered with gratitude

Via Donations received  .


It is with heartfelt thanks that I post this. My friends and loyal donors…..without you my job would be impossible.

Just more proof that by giving something to those in need, no matter how small (or mediocre) it may seem….you are making an enormous difference in a life.

Yes, people,  I still believe we can make the world a better place, one good deed at a time.

Have a look at what I did today. My friend Roxy Zowisky donated a bag of feminine goodies a while back and another friend share a gift of toiletetries (soap, toothbrushes, creams, etc)….I am NOT forgetting my very loyal brother who generously donate funds each month to make my job at caring easier (bought some food for Juanita with those funds), Marinda Deyzel, Remond and Renate Hattingh and the people of Mooikloof Estate (photographic files). Here are some photographs of what YOU guys did!

Yes, you changed lives today, Piet, Roxy and Jessica.

Each gift was received with overwhelming gratitude from those who need it most. Have a look at the video….it will most certainly make your day!

Dunduzela Day and Night Care, Bothshelo Daycare and our young mom-to-be, Juanita Smith thank you all.

Here’s what each beneficiary received:

Dunduzela – toiletries from Jessica Uys + clothing from Marinda Deyzel and Remond and Renate Hattingh

Juanita Smith – care pack from Roxy Zowitsky and groceries sponsored by Pieter Halliday

Bothshelo Daycare – Photographic files from Mooikloof Estate residents.

Thanks Bru, Jess, Zantie, Marinda and Roxy……my loyal supporters….for my making my work easier.

I love you to bits! Without you I will not be able to do this work.

Stay blessed!!

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