Man behind campaign for French Supermarkets to Donate Waste Food wants to Take Law Global

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Petitions have been started for UK Government to adopt similar measures

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A local councillor who started a petition leading to a new law making it illegal for French supermarkets to destroy edible food wants similar measures to be adopted worldwide.

Arash Derambarsh, who represents the Paris commune of Courbevoie, started a petition against food waste that had garnered 211,000 signatures by the time the legislation was approved. ” Watch video clip here.

”In an interview with RFI radio, he said food waste in African countries must also be addressed, adding: “We act locally but think globally.”


Nutrition – UN World Food Programme – Fighting Hunger Worldwide

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For every operation that WFP undertakes, it has to establish what type and quantity of food people need. It’s not just a question of providing food, but also making sure what arrives is nutritionally appropriate to address the problem at hand.

Using international standards and guidance, WFP’s nutrition experts advise on appropriate food baskets for people facing hunger and the risk of malnutrition. Continue reading here.