Cellphones Or School? What Makes Kids Happy

Via @nprglobalhealth by #FrancescaLunzerKritz

[Excerpt only – read full article here]

Kids in South Africa say they’re not very happy about their opportunities to play safely outdoors. Kids in Algeria and Ethiopia say they don’t get enough time to play, in general, because they are needed at home to help with siblings and chores. Kids in European countries are less satisfied with their time in school than those in some African countries…………

Researchers surveyed kids in 15 countries —…………..children in developing countries are happier than their wealthier counterparts, especially when it comes to school. In Nepal, for instance, kids enjoy school more than those in developed countries, like Norway. 

The purpose of the survey, Ben-Arieh says, is to improve children’s well-being by creating awareness about kids’ lives around the world.”

Read about the key-findings of the survey here.

Cellphones Or School? What Makes Kids Around The World Happy : Goats and Soda : NPR


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