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Foster care is rewarding, difficult, and demanding … all at the same time. 

Foster Care in South Africa

Foster care is rewarding, difficult, and thank-you.jpeg-copy
demanding … all at the same time.

It comes with many new experiences, challenges, demands, personal trauma, budget constraints, and being emotionally drained.  These challenges impact both the foster child and the entire foster family – the most valuable resource for foster care.  During periods of challenges and demands, the added deep grief and mourning for the loss of a loved child that had been re-unified with his/her biological parents can substantially increase the restrains of an already stressed out foster family. Resulting in many  first time foster parents leaving this calling within the first year.  Having a support network that can be there for foster parents during not only the good times, but more so during the bad times can literally mean the difference between loosing and retaining Foster Parents.

My husband and I have been trying to provide such support to the uniquely precious…

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