Online Fundraising Campaigns – 10 Steps To Success

By Julia Campbell

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Learn all about the power of #GivingDays for online fundraising success. Click on the image below for more.


In addition to these brilliant thoughts, ms Campbell prepared a slide show to assist non-profits in their online fundraising efforts.  Watch the slide show here or click on the image below.

In short, the ten steps are:

1.       Prepare properly

2.       Set the goal of your campaign

3.       Do your homework

4.       Form a campaign committee

5.       Develop the work plan

6.       Create a brand ambassador strategy

7.       Identify what you need

8.       Launch the campaign

9.       What happens afterwards?

10.   Measure and improve

This is indeed a very valuable set of ideas for each and every person wanting to start a campaign or project of some sort. Whether you are part of a non-profit or want to reach out to the community as an individual. The tips summarized in this slide show will be an excellent guideline to make your campaign a successful one.

Julia Campbell provides more tips, tools and ideas on how to create a non-profit powerhouse online here.

Online Fundraising Campaigns - 10 Steps to Success




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