5 Ways to Supercharge Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign

Joe Garecht writes: ‘Crowdfunding is a powerful tool for non-profit organizations…..every non-profit, no matter how small or large, can and should run at least one crowdfunding campaign per year for their organization.

While crowdfunding has massive potential, it does take planning and work to run a successful campaign…

Crowdfunding can be used by any non-profit to raise the money they need for a particular project or activity. ‘ [101fundraising.org]

Garecht suggests these tips to make crowdfunding work for your non-profit:

1: Put Together a Crowdfunding Committee

2: Talk Directly to Your Supporters… through Video

3: Treat it Like a Campaign – Not a One-Off Appeal

4:  Offer Lots of Perk / Benefit Levels

5: Use Multichannel Marketing

  1. E-mail Blasts – Send out e-mail blasts mentioning the campaign to your entire list.
  2. Social Networks – Mention your campaign regularly on Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  3. Your Website – Put a link to the campaign front and center on your organization’s homepage.
  4. PR – Try to get the local newspaper, news radio station, or other media outlets to run a story about your crowd-funding campaign.
  5. Offline Buzz – Mention your campaign at offline events, in your snail mail letters, etc.

[Excerpt only: do read the full article here.]


5 Ways to Supercharge Your Next Crowdfunding Campaign – 101fundraising


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