Our Story 2014 – UNICEF   


In 2014 UNICEF’s programmes and policies advanced the global conversation on children and equity, beginning with a sharpened
focus on the most disadvantaged children: 
the very poorest, girls, children with disabilities, those living in remote areas, and children from ethnic or religious groups facing discrimination.

[Read all the results here.]

In short, UNICEF managed to:

  • Use data, evidence and innovative technologies to reach children,
    particularly the most disadvantaged, affected by emergencies.
  • UNICEF helped improve government supply delivery systems.
  • UNICEF procured 2.71 billion doses of vaccine for 100 countries,
    enough for 40 per cent of the world’s children.
  • UNICEF assisted more than 100 countries in efforts to develop systems to protect children.
  • We worked in 103 countries to increase public investments for the most disadvantaged children and families.
  • UNICEF innovated. WASH supply innovations in 2014 included latrine slab add-on’ssemi-rigid jerry cans that optimize transportability and
    user acceptance, improved hygiene and
    ‘dignity’ kits, and new technologies for emergency household water treatment.
  • UNICEF made significant advances in early childhood development work in 2014, including helping 91 countries develop or revise national nutrition policies.
  • Innovative education programmes helped to provide education for the most disadvantaged children.

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We applaud UNICEF for its efforts and hope that the other organizations across the world will follow suit. But let us not wait upon others to bring change. Let’s stand together and do our share to make the world a better place for all.



Our story 2014 | UNICEF | #EVERYchild: global results


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