#Overpopulation will #KillTheWorld #WhyFPMatters #Yes4Change #SaveOurPlanet 

Via @NonprofitOrgs #ThePopulationInstitute article can be read here.

”The international community needs to recommit itself to empowering women and girls and ensuring that they have access to reproductive health services. It’s the pathway to healthy families and a healthy world.” [1]

It is time for each and every person on this planet to take responsibility for planning his or her own family. Overpopulation will be an understatement of the conditions we can look forward to in 10 years.

Have a look at the images below [found here] and you will understand the problems we would be facing if things continue in the way they are at the moment.


[All images found here.]

[Please visit The Population Institute here for more images and more details on this subject.]


  1. The Population Institute

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