Tshwane North Outreach and Wolmer Community Project needs your help.

Via TNO/Wolmer Community Project on Facebook

TNO and Wolmer Community Project’s head office is in Bakenkloof Street, Pretoria North. They serve the communities in Wolmer, Pretoria North, Winterveld, Mabopane, Soshanguve, Garankuwa and other rural areas North of the Pretoria CBD. As a non-profit organization they depend fully on the support of the public, be it by way of financial contributions or donations of useful items and food. You can imagine the many lives touched by their kindness and compassion over the past 19 years of their existence.

In addition to caring for the communities’ little ones at their daycare center, TNO also prepare daily meals for the poor in their community. They prepare monthly food packages for the many families in the area and also manage to clothe them with clothing donated by the public. Whenever a family in their community needs something, the people of TNO and Wolmer Community Project are always ready to offer support. Click here to find out more about their activities.

Every week I receive an e-mail from their spokesperson, mr Frikkie Loots, in which he elaborates on their most urgent needs.

Please take the time to read the list below and if you can be of any assistance at all, do not hesitate to get in touch with TNO (click here) or myself (click here). If you decide to drop donations off at my office, I will see to it that TNO receives it ASAP.

The immediate needs are as follows:

  • As always, financial contributions will be welcomed. TNO can supply Article 18(a)-certificates for tax purposes. Click here for banking details.
  • Food can be contributed for the monthly food packages shared amongst the poor families in the area. Each package contain:
  • 2,5kg maize
  • 500g rice
  • 500g pasta
  • 500g sugar
  • 1 tin of fish
  • 2 tins food (any kind)
  • 500g soy
  • 1 box tea (26 teabags)
  • Any other type of food (fresh vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese) are welcome, as they do have cooling facilities and they do prepare daily meals for the community as well.
  • Any redundant items you have in your house: refrigerators, freezers, microwave ovens, clothing irons, clothes, shoes, furniture, etc. No matter how small or big, as long as it is still in good working order, it will be welcomed and passed on to someone who desperately needs such an item.
  • THIS WEEK’S MOST IMPORTANT NEED: a lady in their area is in need of a simple microwave oven (nothing complicated, just to warm food/water/milk) and a refrigerator. If you have one that you wish to donate. Please get in touch.

You are welcome to drop your donations off at TNO/Wolmer Community Project’s offices in Pretoria North (for their address, click here).

Thank you, and God bless!

(Find TNO and WCP on Facebook. Click here.)


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