How Do We Become A #Zerohunger Generation?

Via @UNDP by Paloma Duran of @SDGFund

Increasing agricultural productivity, especially on small and family farms, is key to ensuring food security. Photo: UNDP Madagascar

[Quoted from original. Read full article here.]

The right to food is a basic human right is the second of the 17 proposed Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which includes a target to end hunger by 2030.

‘’As we approach the UN Sustainable Development Summit, when world leaders will come together to adopt a new global development agenda, it is critically important that we keep what is at stake firmly in sight.

A central issue like hunger, which is a long standing development priority, remains an everyday battle for almost 795 million people worldwide. While this figure is 216 million less than in 1990-92, according to UN statistics, hunger kills more people every year than malaria, AIDS and tuberculosis combined.’’ [ UNDP]

We have the ability to end hunger in our lifetime [Jose Graziano da Silva – via UNDP].  He also adds that: ‘’… goal should be mainstreamed into all policy interventions and at the heart of the new sustainable development agenda to be established this year.” [UNDP]

Paloma Duran mentions several factors that will also play a role in achieving the hunger target:

  • “Increasing agricultural productivity, especially by small and family farmers, helps improve food security;
  • Inclusive economic growth leads to important gains on hunger and poverty reduction;
  • The expansion of social protection systems contributes directly to the reduction of hunger and malnutrition.

Going forward, the goal of ending hunger requires more than words; it requires collective actions, including efforts to double global food production, reduce waste and experiment with food alternatives.”[UNDP]

Read more about the joint programmes  coordinated by the SDG Fund.

[Continue to the read the full article here.]

In our country, here, in our community, is exactly where we should start bringing about change. How much do you know about poverty and hunger within your own community? I assure you, you will be astounded how many people in your suburb go to bed hungry at night.

Food IS a basic human right and, obviously, a necessity if we wish to survive. Food means health, food means that children are strong enough to go to school and receive an education, that older people will be less susceptible to illness – yes, even the common cold can be fatal if you’re body is low on nutrients.

The time has come for the public to take action. Those of us who have plenty have the power to bring change. Share your abundance and save a life today…you will not only prevent hunger, but you will be securing our future.

A hungry child cannot learn, a hungry adult cannot work and the hungry elderly cannot survive.

The question then is….are you ready to take responsibility? Would you say #Yes4Change and #MakeADifference today?


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