Peace Day 2015 – September 21

What are you going to do on this ”Peace Day”?

Are you just doing the day, business as usual, complaining about the state of the world? Or are you, finally, going to man-up and take a stand against the troubles of this world?

You may think that you are only one person and surely, one person does not make a difference. It would literally be like a voice crying in the wilderness….is that what you think? Let me tell you a secret….if you leave your home or your office NOW and reach out to the first person you see, talk to them, listen to what they say…you don’t have to GIVE anything but a few minutes of your time, YOU WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THEIR LIVES.

Read the poem above….making a crying child laugh….making that beggar on the corner smile….a moment of your time, a small portion out of your busy day can mean the world to these people. You, who have everything you need, may not agree, because your expectations of peace and joy are different; a new car or the latest technological device may make your day, for these people your interest in them means more than anything.

Change begins with YOU, not with the governor or the president….with YOU!

Would you say YES FOR CHANGE today and MAKE A DIFFERENCE in someone’s life?


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