10 Blog Design Best Practices for Nonprofits

Via Non-Profit Tech for Good

Original article posted on August 23, 2015

“Your nonprofit could have a wide variety of excellent blog content, but if your blog’s design doesn’t make a positive first impression, then few will read it – much less share it with their followers on social networks.” [NPTechForGood]

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Here are some ideas on how to make your nonprofit blog pop:

[Excerpt only. Read details and view examples in original article here.]

  1. Select a two-column, responsively designed template.
  2. Prominently featured a “Donate” button, e-newsletter opt-in, and social network icons.
  3. Feature and rotate promotional graphics.
  4. Use large font for headlines and body text.
  5. Insert large photos that encompass the width the blog post. Embed large call-to-action buttons within posts.
  6. Invest in well-designed graphics.
  7. Enable social sharing.
  8. Enable social comments.
  9. Ensure that your blog is hosted within your website.

[Please click here to read the full article.]



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