5 Ways to Increase Online Giving

By @KraTassoni via @Linkis_com

[Excerpt only. Read original article here.]

“As cited in Grizzard’s 2014 DonorGraphics™ Study, last year was the first year that online giving was preferred over direct mail. According to a January BlackBaud webinar, 86% of people search for a website online before making their first gift. Online giving was up 8.9% in 2014, compared to the overall giving, which increased only  2.1%. Donors are moving to online as their preferred channel of communication and it’s extremely important that nonprofit organizations recognize and adapt this trend.” [Read more]

To ensure your website and online presence is optimized for gift conversion, you should implement the below 5 steps. [Read detail about these 5 steps here.]

  1. Paid Search
  2. Mobile Friendly
  3. #1 Donation Page Optimization
  4. Acquire More Email Addresses
  5. IP Targeting Donors

Interested in knowing more about this, click here for original article.


5 Ways to Increase Online Giving by @KraTassoni via @Linkis_com


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