21 Social Media Tips for NonProfits


Via @NTENorg by @marcapitman

Marc Pitman wanted to find out what bothers donors about non-profit organizations using social media. So, he “emailed some of the top authors and social media experts from around the world and asked them to quickly answer this question: What is one thing you wish nonprofits “got” about social media?” [Pitman]

He received the replies and constructed 21 tips for non-profits so that they can use social  media for their campaigns in a more constructive and donor-friendly way.

[Please note: this is only an excerpt, you will find details about the 21 tips below by reading the original article here.]

  1. Use social media for new work.
  2. Focus on being useful.
  3. Use VISUAL stories.
  4. Use Social Media year round.
  5. Create a volunteer Social Media corp.
  6. Leave gaps and be vulnerable.
  7. Harness the energy of others.
  8. Keep Social Media usage visual.
  9. Be social!
  10. Invest in good design.
  11. Humanize.
  12. Share.
  13. Become a trusted member of your community.
  14. Develop from within.
  15. Tell your story.
  16. Create an unforgettable donor experience.
  17. Social Media is part of a 3-pronged strategy: social media, website, e-mail.
  18. Do interesting projects.
  19. Make it easy to share your story.
  20. Remember the power of conversations.
  21. Relationships are primary.

If you have a non-profit and are currently using some kind of social media strategy, I do think you should take the time to read the very informative article. I found it very useful.

Remember, most of our non-profits start off as a basic idea to do good in the world. The teams in charge often do this part-time and many are not skilled at the specific ways to ‘market’ their organization properly. It is a continuous learning curve and this specific article can definitely help you to hone your social media skills. It prompts you to take a good look at the way you are actually approaching your donor, especially since the comments (read here) came from donors and experienced authors of non-profit media.

My advice? DO read this, print it out even and keep it for future reference.

Good luck to you all and thank you mr Pitman for such a brilliant article.

More interesting information on this subject can be found on Good Neighbor Stories. Pam Marino wrote some brilliant posts on her experience at a Social Media for Nonprofits Conference. Click here for the article. Also DO pay a visit to GNS’s Nonprofits Resources Page for more valuable tips and tools.


PITMAN, Marc A.  2014.  21 Social Media Tips for Non-Profits.  [Web:] Nonprofit Technology Network.  [Date of Access:] 20 January 2016.


MARINO, Pam2012.  Social Media for Nonprofits Conference: Final Takeaways.  [Web:]  Good Neighbour Stories.  [Date of Access:] 20 January 2016.



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