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How to Start Your Own Nonprofit  (Shared by Non-profits Daily) www­.huffingtonpost­.com – Nonprofit organizations often come from the heart. They can begin with a goal of addressing a social or community issue or need. Making money may not be on the priority list. But you can still set …



How the Chicago Charity Challenge Reinvents Corporate Giving (Shared by NonProfitNews24) www­.triplepundit­.com – People want to work for and do business with companies that give to charities, whether in volunteer hours or financial contributions. As a result, corporations are increasingly seeking ways to show…




Denbighshire charity bosses deny pocketing donations meant for homeless veterans – Daily Post (Shared by NonProfitNews24) www­.dailypost­.co­.uk – The bosses of a charity raising money for homeless ex-soldiers have denied pocketing public donations after being arrested as part of a police investigation. Three members of staff of Rhyl-based So…




Nonprofit showcase: Opera Fairbanks (Shared by NonProfitNews24) www­.newsminer­.com – Mission statement: We provide performance, educational and promotional opportunities to Alaskans through the operatic arts. What services or activities do you provide? This is our 10th year of prod..


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Child Abuse Statistics & Info

Via @AbusedChildren

[Excerpt only. Read full article here.]

“Child abuse does not discriminate based on gender, social standing, ethnicity, or religion. The child abuse statistics gathered on Ark of Hope for Children’s site bring a sobering reality to the plight of victimized children. International child abuse statistics are difficult to come by due to the difficulty in keeping track of numbers even in “financially sound” countries. Many countries keep no or inadequate records.


The time is long past for adults to take a stand for the children. We must be willing to throw ourselves in harm’s way to save them, but then to provide the long term care these victimized children and young adults need to recover and thrive. Ark of Hope for Children is dedicated to providing care as you can read on other pages on our site.”


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Ark Of Hope for Children. 2014. Child Abuse Statistics & Info

10 Fundraising Ideas you haven’t thought of

While I don’t really wish to travel to far off countries to assist with aid (not that I wouldn’t consider doing it….given the opportunity I’d probably jump at the chance!), the information below can still be valuable while doing charity work right here in my community.

For those of you wishing to make a difference in places like Nepal, Kenya, Syria, wherever…..have a read, you may find these fundraising ideas helpful for your next mission.

[Excerpt only: read full article here.]

These 10 fundraising ideas will take your mission trip fundraising to the next level. Leave the carwash posters and silent auction items at home!

1) Get social with your support “letter”

2) Make a “Pick a Number”

#2: Pick a Number


3) Partner with a restaurant

4) Host a house party


5) Setup a Facebook group

6) Seek local business sponsors


7) Sell stuff on eBay

8) Sell custom t-shirts

9) Start a blog


10) Use a fundraising website



Written by CJ for @prepmymission 10 Fundraising ideas you haven’t thought of