The IHF Pulse edition for May 20, 2016 is OUT!!



The Ihf Pulse is out! Edition for May 13, 2016


Editor: Sharon Hattingh

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Edition: 13 May 2016

Contributors: @NonProfitNews24 @NonprofitsDaily @UNICEF @WHO



Image via: @UNICEF

A nonprofit in a risk-averse funding landscape shared by @NonProfitNews24

shutterstock_155567879 – “Every startup has a story to tell. From the conception of an idea, to the first lines of code, early hires, and preliminary funding rounds – every company has a unique narrative…” (Continue reading here.)

NonProfit or “For Purpose” — Where does your organization belong? – American News Report shared by @NonprofitsDaily


News reports of non-profit executives traveling first class or spending lavishly on conferences and retreats get a lot of attention, often rightly so.  No one, in or out of the non-profit industry — and especially those of us who regularly donate to our favorite causes and charities — wants to condone wasteful spending or charitable leadership that gets “too big for its britches…..” (Continue reading here.)

UNICEF Statistics: Overview shared by @UNICEF


“Adolescents – defined by the United Nations as those between the ages of 10 and 19 – number 1.2 billion in the world today, making up 16 per cent of the world’s population. As children up to the age of 18, most adolescents are protected under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. Yet, their vulnerabilities and needs often remain unaddressed…” (Continue reading here.)

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