The Importance of Writing a Business Plan for your Nonprofit


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If you think that only profit generating businesses should have a proper business plan, you are wrong. Non-profits, with their unique setup, do need a business plan if you are to be successful in your efforts to make a difference, whatever your cause.

Many founders of non-profit organizations barely bother to register their NPO, much less take the time to compile a business plan. However, having a business plan will give you the opportunity to get an overall view of the exact direction your non-profit is moving in. You can clearly envision your goals, target your weaknesses and get a realistic idea of your donor base.

Generally a business plan includes the following information [BPlan]

  • Executive summary
  • Objectives
  • Mission
  • Keys to success
  • Organization summary
  • Services
  • Market Analysis Summary
  • Strategy and Implementation Summary
  • Management Summary
  • Financial Plan

As you can see it provides important details that one so often overlook, especially when you want to establish a non-profit.

Having a written business plan will give your NPO a head start and can guarantee long-term success; even if you don’t think it is necessary.

Benefits, amongst others are:

  • Sponsors will take you more seriously. When asking for a grant, you need to make the right impression and a properly compiled business plan shows off your professional approach to your non-profit.
  • Should you apply for a loan; the bank will be more generous and willing to approve the financial assistance requested if you can provide your business plan.
  • Donors in general will appreciate your attention to detail and will be more likely to offer their funds or services to help your cause

Compiling a business plan need not be a difficult, time consuming process. provides a variety of business plan samples for every conceivable type of business or non-profit you may have in mind. You can download your choice and use it as example to write your own.

Alternatively follow the link on Bplan’s pages and try out LivePlan. With LivePlan you can create your own business plan online.

Whether you are an established NPO or just starting out, you can benefit from writing a proper business plan for your organization. It is NEVER too late to introduce an air of professionalism into your org.

Start now. Click here to visit Bplan and compile your business plan.


BPLANS.  Free Non-Profit Sample Business Plans.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] Oct 13, 2016.



These 5 Things Can Make NonProfit Marketers More Effective


Via @cmicontent by @joepulizzi

Are you using a content marketing strategy in your efforts to raise funds and/or awareness for your non-profit? Joe Pulizzi describes the importance of documenting your strategy and also accentuates that a non-profit must have a well documented editorial mission statement. He says: “An editorial mission statement clearly defines who your audience is and how your content will help it. For the first time, we asked nonprofit marketers if they have documented editorial mission statements, and 30% said they do. Of the most effective marketers, 42% have such a statement, while only 21% of the least effective have one.” [Pulizzi:2015]

The success of a your marketing efforts will depend on how well you have planned and documented your content strategy. Whether you use two, four or six different social platforms is of no consequence and cannot guarantee the success of any campaign.

Have a look a the statistics compiled by the Content Marketing Institute here. The research proves that any strategy, no matter how hard you work at it, will only be effective once it is properly planned and written down.

Pulizzi also states that non-profits should never give up, despite their unsuccessful attempts at marketing and he explains the levels of growth in great detail.

Reading the article can be very helpful to those who are still learning the ropes of social media and content marketing. Click here to read the full article and download the 16-page guide to content marketing.


PULIZZI, Joe.  2015.  These 5 things can make nonprofit marketers more effective.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.


Quick Fundraising Ideas


Original article by @elizchung @classy

Want to perk up your fundraising? Elizabeth Chung shares some quick ideas for fast fundraising campaigns that is fun, interesting and quite easy to plan.

Have a read here and find out how you can generate funds with your chef skills, arranging a scavenger hunt or selling second hand items.

Not only does ms Chung mention some wonderfully creative ideas, she also shares a guide filled with fundraising tips, fresh ideas and, in addition to that, she spoils the reader with, what she calls, ‘The Ultimate Campaign Planning Kit’.

Don’t waste any time! Go to now, download your precious fundraising ideas and campaign kit and start planning that campaign!


CHUNG, Elizabeth.  25 Quick Fundraising Ideas for Nonprofits. [Web:] [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.

NonProfit Strategic Plan Guide

Via @EveryActionHQ by @MarcellaVitulli205043e9-2427-409b-8e2b-0beb50d87630

We all know that you cannot simply wake up one morning and think that, yes, today will be a brilliant day to raise funds for charity. While it may work, I can guarantee that it will not turn out exactly like you would like it to.

Most successful strategies in life require careful planning. You would, for instance, not wait until a day before your daughter’s birthday to start planning her party, would you? Details are important and, despite the fact that non-profits are not businesses per se, its actions needs to be planned well in advance to ensure success. Each campaign budget carefully laid out, each step planned and scheduled.

Marcella Vitulli says: “The best fundraising strategic plan tells a complete, organized, and analytics-based story that your team can actually use to help your campaign be more successful. We created this guide to help you build just that.” [Vitulli:2016]

Ms Vitulli makes it easier for us by sharing this informative guide to strategically plan your next fundraising campaign. Have a look here….its a long read, but worth the time and effort.

Happy fundraising!


VITULLI, MARCELLA.  2016.  The 2016 Non Profit Strategic Plan Guide.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.




Macfo Uganda Urgently Needs Volunteers


MACFO Uganda is urgently looking for volunteers to help them fulfil their duties towards the communities in and around Kampala.

MACFO (MAKE CHILDREN FOUNDATION) is a non profit, non-religious, non-Government Organization (NGO) with the general objective of improving the lives of communities through training, and provision of essential services, the necessary care and support for orphans and vulnerable children

MACFO Uganda’s vision is “A Healthy and promising life for all children”.

Their Mission is to empower orphans and other vulnerable children (OVC’s) and most at risk population (MARP’s) with healthy positive living through increased access to HIV/AIDS-related information, care and support at all levels.

We are in the process of welcoming new board members to our team as we work to improve the governance of our organization and  the partnership of many great minds working towards a worthy cause.

Personally I’ve been involved with MACFO for just under a year now, and have been impressed by their CEO, Timothy Matovu’s dedication to his work.

He supports the children during the school year by supplying necessary educational supplies, clothing and food. Furthermore he regularly runs clinics that ensure the children receives their inoculations against dreaded disease.

Just recently I’ve assisted him in launching a Christmas project called ‘Hope in a Box’. We aim to pack giftboxes for at least 83 children and do a fun handover during a pre-Christmas celebration on 17 December.

Needless to say, doing all this work is quite daunting for just one person and, despite the volunteers he currently has, he is always in need of more helping hands. The need in Uganda is tremendous and reaching out to all the different areas has become difficult for the few assistants he employs.

Watch the video about MACFO below:

This opportunity will be a once in a lifetime experience for those interested in becoming volunteers. Not only will you be helping others, but you will learn valuable skills. So, if you are considering taking a gap year after graduation, please get in touch with Timothy directly. If you are older, and still feel you wish to give back to the world, you are more than welcome to contact Tim and he will provide the necessary details.

Timothy’s contact details are as follows:

Office Phone: +256414660274
Mobile Phone: +256774607491

You can also complete the contact form on their website. Click here.

Or you can find them on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube

This is an unique opportunity for anyone who wishes to make a difference in the world. Do not waste another minute, get in touch TODAY….remember, one person’s kindness can change a life profoundly. Here is your chance!!



How to Register Your NonProfit in South Africa


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Are you a philantropist? Have you been doing something in your community to uplift the people? If you are, don’t you think it is time for your work to become a bit more official and professional?

Registering as a non-profit organization is free of charge, relatively simple and it can be very beneficial to your organization. When you can provide a registration number, people will be more likely to take your work seriously and they will be more willing to contribute to your cause.

NPOs include trusts, companies or other associations of persons established for a public purpose.

Registering your NPO is beneficial because its certificate:

  • improves your credibility and funding opportunities
  • allows your organisation to open a bank account
  • helps your organisation with tax incentives.

You can read more about the specific requirements and the registration process here. All application forms can be downloaded here.

If you have a reliable internet service, you can also consider online application through the Department of Social Development. They also provide a wealth of information on the subject of registration (click here) and you can proceed immediately to the registration process.

Register online as NPO here.

Remember to read the instructions on these websites carefully and make sure you have all the relevant documentation at hand.


DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT.  All about Non-Profit Organizations.  [Web:][Date of Access:] October 12, 2016

THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT.  Register a Non-Profit Organization. [Web:] [Date of Access:] October 12, 2016.