Social Media Tips Every Nonprofit Needs to Know


Via original article by Julie Peterson @GeorgetownCSIC

Do you realize that, as a non-profit, you cannot just go around trying to source donors and sponsors, blindly stumbling along on social media platforms and arranging expensive events to draw the crowds? You need a PLAN!!

Social media opens up a world of possibilities for non-profits, but only if utilized properly. Strategically placed posts and images on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can draw a bigger crowd than a planned event.

Look what Julie Peterson says in her article for The Social Media Impact Communicator: “Social media websites offer huge opportunities for non-profits. Instead of trying to reach out to donors and supporters solely by organizing events, these organizations have a chance to attract a greater audience if they use social media networks with a smart strategy.” [Peterson:2016]

If you want your next campaign to be hugely successful, have a look at ms Peterson’s 10 tips here, you will find it invaluable when planning your social media marketing strategy.


PETERSON, JULIE.  2016.  Top 10 Social Media Tips Every Nonprofit Needs to Know in 2016.  [Web:]  [Date of Access:] October 13, 2016.



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