JYB NonProfit: Christmas Lunch for the needy

As we all know, Christmas can be both a wonderful, blessed event or it can be a daunting, lonely time, depending on your own, personal situation. Unfortunately many people across the world have to get through this festive season without the smiles, laughter and companionship of family and friends. Because of this atmosphere of good cheer and joy, those who are left to their own devices often feel abandoned. Statistics show that suicide attempts are more likely during this period, especially among teenagers.

JYB Non-profit Development Project is working together with local organizations and schools in the Lawley, Johannesburg area in order to identify at least 24 vulnerable teenagers and children; youngsters who are more likely to fall victim to depression, those who are without a support system, those who suffered recent losses, etc. These children are more likely to spend their Christmas alone and, quite possibly, hungry. These  kids will be rounded up come Christmas day and given the opportunity to spend time with other people, to join in the Christmas spirit, laugh and have fun.

In order for JYB NonProfit to achieve this, they need some help with groceries so that they can prepare a delicious festive meal for these children. You can also volunteer to help during preparation and serving of the meal on the day.

Have a look at their list and get in touch with Bryan Ndlovu at +27 83 246 368 or click here to e-mail him.

Alternatively, complete the contact form below and we’ll be in touch.


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