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Easy steps to create a written #FundraisingPlan by @SandyRees


It is the end of the year and, as a non-profit, especially a recently founded one, volunteers, team members and managers will probably be heaving a collective sigh of relief…another year done and dusted and, thank goodness, over!

Yes, running a non-profit is NOT easy; it can be fun and satisfying, but easy, NEVER! I’ve been doing this for some time and, let me tell you, I still scratch my head in confusion,

irritation and utter exhaustion every single day. But, as I’ve learned (the hard way – I’m a very stubborn control freak and always want to do things MY way and, more often than not, on my own), planning is key to success.

Thing is, whether you run a business, NPO or NGO planning is EVERYTHING and (now this can be a shock to some new NPO’s on the block) the ‘business’ year is NEVER over!

I am quite sure that all established and smooth-running NPO’s have already finished their fundraising strategies for the new year. Newsflash: this is something you should start doing in July already, although you’ll understand that, for the small-fry orgs like my own where you are one person doing EVERYTHING from social media to marketing  to thank you letters and delivery of donations, the year simply flew past and here we are, in December, no less and NO PLAN YET!


I don’t mean to freak you out, DO keep a cool head and read this post to the end…you can thank me later.

Here we are then, nearly mid-December and I’m still tying up loose ends, sending out notes and scheduling posts so that my donors and beneficiaries don’t think I disappeared to Mars or something. Forever optimistic, I KNOW that all will be well in the end…and it will be. Have a look at what I found!

I discovered this brilliant slideshow by Sandy Rees on LinkedIn:  SlideShare. It may seem a bit dated, but the basics remain the same across the board. She goes through the process of planning your annual fundraising strategy or your once-off fundraiser  step by step, asks questions that will point you in the right direction and give ideas on how to deal with problems that may arise during the process.

She suggests these 6 steps:


In addition she also suggests that one should look back in order to plan ahead…what happened during your last fundraiser? If it failed: what did you do wrong? What should you change?

You can find the original slideshow here. If you are stuck with your fundraising strategy, you REALLY MUST have a look at this…it is indeed a brilliant. Good luck!!!!



REES, Sandy.  2013.  6 Simple Steps to a Written Fundraising Plan.  [Web:] www.slideshare.net  [Date of Access:] December 9, 2016.

How to write a killer Fundraising Appeal Letter


Infographic by Tom Ahern.

Read A.J.’s additional tips on how to write an amazing appeal letter here.


SCHAEFER, A.J. 2013.  How to write an annual fundraising appeal letter.  [Web:] www.bloomerang.co  [Date of Access:] December 9, 2016.

Don’t Forget! @67Blankets #PortraitBlanket #WoolChallenge #NelsonMandela #YesWeWool

It is leisure time…every one, everywhere in the world is winding down towards the end of the year. Those of you not yet on holiday, will soon be packing bags and heading to your favorite Christmas holiday destination.

I am SO looking forward to this time of rest; 2016 has been one of THOSE years where I just seem to have less and less time and more and more work! Well, you know what they say, all work and no play, turns this knitwit into a dull, double-knit grey!

Speaking of grey…..don’t you agree that, with all these empty days stretching in front  of us, we can finally settle down and do what we really love? Aaaah, do I detect some sparkles in those eyes (or is it the crochet hook in my eye?)… You KNOW what I’m talking about! WOOLWORKS!! And the mention of ‘grey’ brought to mind that wool challenge our fearless leader thought up. I know it is silly to ask if you remember it; crocheting and knitting squares in grey, blue, yellow, black and red is all you’ve been doing for the past few months!! Filling your holiday days (that just doesn’t sound right, but you get what I mean) with crochet hook in one hand and a nice cuppa in the other is just the thing to heal a tired, wounded soul after a long, busy year. Now is the time to get clicking and finish your share of this project. You can hand it in during January and pledge another blanket (or six) OR you can throw caution to the wind and start your own project for our blanket drives during the winter months!

Look at this beautiful portrait blanket; now imagine it BIGGER, much BIGGER!!


Just to refresh the old noodle again, you see, us knitwits focus on more important things than memory and brain health and who has the time to jot down notes when you can quickly finish a few rows? Let’s recap:

The Queen of Knitwits, Carolyn Steyn, challenged the 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day-family to crochet or knit 1 764 blankets measuring 160cm/160cm before April 2017. To commemorate #23yrsOfFreedom we are planning on creating the #biggestpictureblanket EVER of our beloved #NelsonMandela . The blanket will measure 4515m2 and will be displayed at Steyn City. Do I smell another world record???


Every single one of these blankets will help to keep the less fortunate in South Africa warm next winter.

You can either pledge a blanket or make squares measuring 20cm/20cm in the required colors.

For updates on this project visit our FB page here: bit.ly/2cXuywW.

Want more information? Please send an email: click here or get in touch with your local ambassador (visit www.67blankets.co.za for ambassadors’ details).





ATTENTION STUDENTS AND MATRICS: Ever consider a gap-year of giving? @macfouganda

You are finished with school or your degree and wondering: ‘What next?’ Why not use your time constructively and volunteer your services at Macfo Uganda for a once in a lifetime experience? Not only will you get the opportunity to meet new people and help thousands of others, but you will have a chance to visit one of the cultural hotspots in Africa; Kampala, Uganda!

The Make Children Foundation (MaCFo) is a non-profit, non-government, non-religious organization with the general objective of improving the lives of communities through training and provision of essential services, while caring and supporting orphans and vulnerable children.

MACFO Uganda’s vision is: “A healthy and promising life for all children”.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Their mission is to empower orphans and other vulnerable children and most at risk population and give opportunity for healthy, positive living through increased access to HIV/Aids-related information, medical care and support on all levels.

They reach out to communities in rural areas, distributing medicine, facilitating vaccinations, dropping off food hampers and educational supplies and securing the availability of fresh, clean drinking water.

You can be a part of these campaigns and help their Executive Director, Timothy Matovu, change lives every single day.

If you are interested, please get in touch with him. Click here to e-mail Timothy directly.

Come on, young people, make the decision TODAY and start making a difference TOMORROW!