#BackToSchoolProject2017 #HelpKidsSucceed


It is THAT time of year again! Parents are in a frenzy to get their youngsters school-ready; they run from CNA to PNA, Makro and Pick’nPay and drop in at their local school wear distributors to make sure that junior is properly fitted out for the new school year. Of course their bank accounts grown at the enormous expenditure and household budgets are stretched to breaking point, yet most manage to purchase every piece of stationery on the list, even if it means doing it on credit. You are lucky, though, some children are not as fortunate as yours. They don’t have parents that will bend over backwards or deny themselves some luxuries just to ensure that their kids can have all they need to succeed in school.

At Dunduzela Day and Night Care Centre, Madzibandlela Orphanage and Motheo Children’s Centre staff struggle to feed nearly 80 orphaned children on a daily basis, much less provide them  with the necessary school supplies and school uniforms, not to mention the school fees.

Despite stretching your own budgets to outfit your kids, you can change their disposition by just purchasing and extra pen or pencil and donating that to this cause. (Remember, it is NOT WHAT you give, but that you BOTHER TO GIVE AT ALL.)

I know many of you will clear out your kids’ school bags and throw away used stationery items, and even bookbags. PLEASE DON’T! Rather donate it. I can guarantee that somewhere there will be a child in need that will be able to put those old items to good use.


  • Donate used school supplies and uniforms
  • Donate new school supplies, bookbags
  • Sponsor a child’s school uniform/school fees/school supplies

Have a look at the basic list of school supplies needed below:


  • Pens and pencils
  • Exercise books
  • Rulers and erasers
  • Mathematical sets
  • Colour pencils/felt tip pens
  • Whiteboards and markers
  • Wax crayons

If   you can be of any assistance, please do  not hesitate to get in touch. E-mail us or complete the form below.


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