Support JYB Non Profit Development Project’s School Uniform Drive


Do you have old, but still usable, school clothes lying around the house? It is the new year, and I know many of us will be tackling our kids’ wardrobes, cleaning out and buying new school uniforms that actually fit the ever growing youngsters.

JYB Non-Profit Development Project in Lawley, Johannesburg, is in need of those old school clothes, so PLEASE DON’T THROW THEM AWAY! If you are not going to pass it on to a sibling, please let me know and I’ll collect or arrange collection.

The children in the area cannot afford buying new uniforms, even at cheaper stores and I’m sure you will understand how important it is for a first grader or an eighth grader to look ‘brand new’ on his or her first day of school. Can you remember how memorable YOUR first day was? All dressed up in crisp, new clothes, with a brand new bookbag and a lunchbox filled with munchies for recess….did you feel important? As if you have something great waiting for you in the future? I KNOW you did! Let us give these youngsters the same feeling on their first day of primary or high school.

Buhle Ncgobo wrote this on their Facebook page: “Dear beloved friends & family, please,  kindly support our uniform drive initiative, by donating gently used school uniforms this also includes used school bags and used lunchboxes. For children starting Grade 1 and 8 High school within our informal settlement.
For more details please contact program director :

Buhle Ncgobo
Cell : 0713258454


Please consider helping these kids.

If you live in the Pretoria or Johannesburg area, we can arrange collection. E-mail me here or contact Buhle or at the number above. You are also welcome to complete the contact form below.

Visit JYB Non Profit Development Project on Facebook or Twitter.


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