Dignity Dreams Wishlist for 2017


Sandra Millar, the fearless leader of Dignity Dreams, shared the movement’s wishlist for 2017.

Let us all commit to support her and her team in achieving each and every wish this year.

See what she writes:

  1. #DignityDreamsAfrica operation kicks into action SOON.
  2. #MenstrualHealthMatters Booklet gets published.
  3. #Workshop is a great success and will enable us to produce THE most beautiful washable sanitary towels in the world.
  4. #We never let beneficiaries down.
  5. #We work hard to #RestorePeriodDignity among the #Girls and #Women we serve.
  6. #We must include #Boys and #Men in our conversations.
  7. #We must #Listen and be open to new ideas and opinions.
  8. We must collect #Accurate and #ReliableData.
  9. We must be in the position to empower as many #Unemployed people as possible.
  10. We MUST have #FUN”.

SMS the word DIGNITY to 40287 and donate R20-00 to their cause.

Visit Dignity Dreams online here or find them on Facebook and Twitter.

You can also e-mail me here or complete the contact form below for more information and orders of dignity packs.



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